Art is the Witness to our World, Bette Anne claims

Bette Anne Wygant says about her hope and dreams, “My ambition is to be a part of the awakening of humanity. I believe that we can evolve as a species if we could only see the greater reality of this life. No weapons needed here, only love. I want to be here when the world sees the beauty of life around us and celebrates together.”


She adds, “I have been on a spiritual journey through artistic expression for over forty-eight years now. I remember growing up in Ridgefield, Connecticut, always sketching or painting my impressions of the physical world around me during my childhood. My view of this material world expanded my connection to unseen dimensions after living through the tragic deaths of my father’s plane crash and my brother’s murder. My brother was attending law school where he was shot in the head by someone looking for drug money.”

Bette says,

“Living through this random act of violence, I began to see the energy of our life-force and feel how we are deeply connected to each other and to our Prime Creator. I have explored this intimate cosmic connection with every painting. My mission in this life is to plant the seed of peace and unity through each oil painting. Our physical and spiritual worlds are one. The dogmas and the borders of governments that separate us are only illusions. We are one family in God’s eyes.”

She vehemently recalls a recent visit to Lebanon, “I just returned from a trip to Lebanon where I have discovered other artists who are also using their work to make a positive change in the world around them. “I recall Roula Chreim, a Lebanese artist, who organizes local and international art shows to benefit many charities her community. She does this as a NGO/UN in Beirut.


“Diala Brisly, a Syrian refugee artist who uses her whimsical illustrations to uplift and enrich the lives of many Syrian children in a weekly magazine that she prints out. Her inspiring pictures of her childhood, that is now lost for many of these children who are living in the darkness and chaos of war. I saw that she painted a mural on one of the school houses in a refugee camp. The painting was of an open book, with dreams coming from the pages to an astronaut in outer space. Her works are a window to a world of possibilities and adventure for so many children who live behind the fence, kept from a physical freedom. The world of imagination can be opened in a painting on a wall.

“Razi Wardh is an artist who has escaped from Syria. He now lives in Beirut, painting his heart out at Art Lab Gallery. The pain of missing his family and friends—all that he has been a witness to—is reflected in his beautiful paintings of flowers that have died. He said that there is a hope of rebirth and new life someday… but the blooms he has painted on his canvas have died now.”


As an afterthought, she says, “How profound is the artist’s mind and the journey of mourning the precious loss of life and freedom. A painted record in the memory of our cultures.

“Our precious little world hangs in the balance between the forces of Light and darkness. I would implore every artist, writer, musician to reach out to the world around you and inspire the minds, hearts and souls of humanity. We must live in peace and harmony now, or our species will cease to exist.”

Concluding, she says to all the readers of IRIS ART MAGAZINE, “May God be with you in the days ahead.” She has a universal message for the world. “Our precious planet is dying. We are killing each other for reasons that have been forgotten over the generations of hate and injustice. I pray that humanity will get the chance to evolve as children of our Loving God. The time is drawing near when each soul must decide which path will be taken. God willing, we will choose Love and Peace.” M Khalid Rahman